Processing Qualified Applicants


Applicants are highly motived Filipinos who are applying for work in Japan through WISI for the first time. If you have not worked in Japan before and want to apply for work there, click here for our Online Application Form. If you have experience working in Japan before, click here for our Online Application Form.


Qualified Applicants

Qualified Applicants are applicants who have passed our examination, assessment and interviews online. They are one step closer to fulfilling their dream of working in Japan. However, Qualified Applicants must cooperate with the WISI staff, submit all required documents, pass the necessary language training, and be medically fit to work before becoming an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Japan.

Procesing of Qualified Applicants

Qualified Applicants must coordinate with the WISI staff in completing all the documentary requirements, medical examinations, language training, and other necessary requirements that may arise. Qualified Applicants who do not comply with the processing timetable may lose their chance of working in Japan. 


Qualified Applicants must complete the following steps.

Step 1. Fill up the Qualified Applicants Form and Medical Examination Application Form


Click here for the Qualified Applicants Form.

Click here for the Medical Examination Application Form.

Step 2. Complete and Submit Documentary Requirements

Upload all your documentary requirements here.

After uploading your documentary requirements, send them to our office through any courier and fill up this form. You can also submit it by coming to our office (by appointment only). 

The following is the list of documents you will need to submit;

1. Resume w/ picture

2. Valid passport

3. NBI Clearance (travel abroad)

4. PSA Birth Certificate

          ❖If you are late registered, bring the ff:

           1.Certificate of Baptismal

5. High School Diploma

6. Pre-Employment Seminar Orientation

➢ You may obtain this here:

7. Certificate of Employment

8. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

9. College Diploma (if applicable)

10. Prometric Exam Certificates (if applicable)

11. Form 137

12. Other docs

          ❖If ex-abroad, bring the ff:

          1. Old Passport

          2. OEC or Info Sheet

13. Additional Birth Certificates of 3-5 dependents


Qualified applicants must submit birth certificates of 3-5 dependents who will benefit from their remittances to the Philippines. Dependents include family members that have the same name on their birth certificate as your own. You may include the following as your dependents.

1. Children

     - Birth certificate with the same name as yours.

2. Relatives

     - Birth certificate with the same name as yours.

3. Spouse

     - Birth certificate with the same name as yours.

     - Marriage certificate

4. Live in partner

     - Birth certificate

     - Birth certificate of children

5. In-laws

     - Marriage certificate

     - Birth certificate of spouse

     - Birth certificate of spouses' family members

6. Immediate family members (parents and siblings included)

     - Birth certificate with the same name as yours.

Step 3. Complete Medical Examinations

After receiving the results from your medical exams, fill in this form.

Qualified Applicants must receive a fit to work status from partner clinics. If there are findings, Qualified Applicants must undergo medication and reschedule the medical examination at the earliest date possible. 

Step 4. Pass the Language Training

Qualified Applicants must pass the Japanese language training by partner language schools. Once you have passed, submit your school certificates here. Failure to pass the Japanese language training may result to the disqualification of the Qualified Applicant. 

Step 5. Document and Deployment Processing

Qualified Applicants are one step away to securing their future and becoming an OFW in Japan.

Qualified Applicants must submit all remaining requirements such as final medical examinations and school certificates, and sign all necessary forms for visa application, OWWA PDOS, POEA Processing, OFW Insurance, WISI PDOS, etc. The list of documents will be sent by the WISI Staff once the Qualified Applicant has finished steps 1~4. Contact us to complete step 5.