10 Things to consider before applying at WISI...


Are you serious about applying for work in Japan?

The application procedure can last at least 6 months after you get chosen for employment. We encourage applicants to seek the support of family members during their application process.


Do you have a valid passport for at least 3 years?

In order to work abroad, you first need a valid passport. Book your passport at DFA here: https://www.passport.gov.ph/appointment.


Do you have at prior work experience for the jobs available in Japan?

Applicants with prior work experience have an advantage over applicants without. We recommend getting experience before applying for work in Japan.


Are you within the right age range?

For first time applicants, the age requirement is 21~33. 

For applicants who are applying as SSW or prometric exam passers, the age requirement is 21~45.


Are you mentally and physically fit?


Applicants must be in good mental and physcial condition when applying for work in Japan. Applicants must be cleared as "medically fit to work" by POEA Accredited clinics. 


For applicants with tattoos, are your tattoos hidden?

It is preferred that applicants do not have visible tattoos. Applicants with tattoos may be at a disadvantage compared to applicants without tattoos.


Do you have access to your personal email address and your Facebook Messenger?

We will be contacting you through email and Facebook group chats often so please make sure to have access to your emails and Facebook accounts. 


Can you take Japanese language and culture courses for at least 320 hours online?

Learning Japanese is a requirement in order to apply for work in Japan. Applicants must be able to support themselves during the course.


Are you equipped with gadgets needed for our online application form and online assessment?

Applicants will need a smart phone, tablet, or laptop and stable internet connection to apply and to take our assessment exams online.


If you said yes from 01~09, you are ready to apply for work in Japan.

Make sure to download the following apps and then scroll down to apply. 

1. Zoom

Application Process

1. Apply online

For first time applicants, click https://forms.gle/23Vddfgrd4rBXunP6  

For ex-Japan workers and prometric exam passers, you must fill up 2 forms. The one above and this: https://forms.gle/LPR4mMyEGtBHqG9g6

2. verification

We will call you to verify your information. Make sure to keep your lines open for our call. 

Once verified, we will send you a link to our WISI Online Assessment through email.

3. assessment

We will conduct an online assessment via Zoom. Make sure to download the app on your phone, have stable internet, and a good mic and headset for the call.

4. encoding

We will encode your information and your assessment score on our database and create information sheets to present to potential employers in Japan.


For New Applicants

Male or Female

21-33 years old

High School Graduate

Has 1 year related job experience

With valid passport

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For ex-Japan / Prometric exam Passers

Male or Female

21-45 years old

High School Graduate

Has 1 year related job experience 

With valid passport

Minimum 3 years as a trainee in Japan and passed 3rd year exam


Prometric Exam Test Passer for Special Skills Workers in Japan