Application Procedure

Step 1. Apply Online

Those who are applying for work in Japan for the first time, fill up the application form directly below.


Apply Here:

Those who have worked in Japan before (any type of working visa applies), fill up the application form directly below.


Apply Here:

Step 2. Online Interview

After you've filled up our application form, we will contact you to schedule an online interview via ZOOM. Applicants must download the application and have stable internet connection for the interview.

Those that do not have stable internet conenction will be called or scheduled for an appointment in our office. 

Step 3. Document Submission

You must prepare your documents and send it to our office through courier.

The following is the list of documents you will need to submit;

1. Resume w/ picture

2. Valid passport

3. NBI Clearance (travel abroad)

4. PSA Birth Certificate

5. High School Diploma

6. Pre-Employment Seminar Orientation

➢ You may obtain this here:

7. Certificate of Employment

8. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

9. College Diploma (if applicable)

10. Prometric Exam Certificates (if applicable)

❖If you are late registered, bring the ff:

1.Form 137

2.Certificate of Baptismal


❖If ex-abroad, bring the ff:

1. Old Passport

2. OEC or Info Sheet

After you've filled up our application form and submitted documents, we encode your information on our database. We present this to potential employers.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our offices will ONLY entertain applicants by appointment.


For First Time Applicants

➢Male or Female

➢21-33 years old ONLY

➢At least High School Graduate

➢Having 1 year related experience to job being applied



Applicants need to have at least 1 year job experience related to the position being applying for.


Applicants with visible tattoos while wearing a shirt are not allowed to apply for Japan. Exceptions can be made when applicants visit our office to show his/her tattoo is NOT visible.



For Ex-Japan Worker/Trainee/Student or Prometric Exam Passers

➢Male or Female

➢21-40 years old ONLY

➢At least High School Graduate

➢Having 1 year related experience to job being applied

➢Minimum 3 years as a trainee in Japan and passed 3rd year exam


➢Prometric Exam Test Passer for Special Skills Workers in Japan

Manpower List

For First Time Applicants:

Agriculture - Farming

- Vegetables / Fruits / Crops

- Livestock: Hogs (Pigs) / Poultry / Dairy


- Well drilling - Percussion type / Rotary type

- Building Sheet Metal Work

- Duct Sheet Metal / Interior and exterior sheet metal

- Carpentry

- Frame Working

- Reinforcing Bar Construction

- Steelman / Steelfixer

- Scaffolding

- Building stone construction - Mason

- Tiling / Tile Roofing

- Plumbing

- Interior Finishing

- Plastic / Carperting / Metal-made foundation / Board Finishing / Curtain Installation

- Concrete pressure feeding

- Heavy Equipment Operator: Back Hoe / Dozing / Loading / Excavating / Road Rolling

Food manufacturing

- Bread Baking

- Can seaming / Ready-made meal manufacturing work

- Poultry / Beef and pork / Ham, sausage and bacon processing

- Marine Heated / Non-heated fishery processed foodstuff / Fish paste


- Spinning / weaving / dyeing operation

- Knit good manufacturing / Warp knitted fabrics

- Ladies' and childrens' dressmaking / men's suit making / jackets

- Underwear manufacturing

- Bedclothes making / Cloth sewing

- Carpet manufacturing / Sear product sewing

- Canvas product making (leather, etc.)

Machinery and Metals

- Casting iron / nonferrous metal

- Forging - Hammer type / Press type

- Die casting - Hot chamber / Cold chamber

- Machining - Engine Lathe / Milling machine

- Machining - Numerical Control Lathe / Machining Center

- Metal press

- Iron work

- Factory sheet metal work

- Electroplating

- Aluminum anodizing

- Finishing - Melting equipment / Metal mold / Machine assembly

- Machine inspection

- Machine maintenance

- Electronic equipment assebmly - electronic devices

- Electric equipment assembly - spinning electric machine / transformer assembly

- Electric equipment assembly - control panel and distribution panel

- Electric equipment assembly - open-close control device assembly

- Print wiring board manufacturing - design and production

Others - Furniture Making

Others - Painting - Construction / Metal / Spray

Others - Welding - Manual / Semi-automatic

Others - Industrial packaging

Others - Carton box and corrugated card board box making

Others - Industrial manufacturing of porrety

Others - Automobile repair and maintenance

Others - Building cleaning management

Others - Care worker

Others - Concrete product manufacturing

Airport ground handling - Ground support / Air cargo handling / Room cleaning

For Ex Japan Worker/Trainee/Student or Prometric Exam Passer (SSW) applicants 

Care Worker

● Nursing care

Building Cleaning Management

● Interior building cleaning


Machine Parts & Tooling Industries

● Casting ● Metal press ● Finishing ● Welding ● Forging

● Factory sheet metal work ● Machine inspection ● Die casting

● Electroplating ● Painting ● Machine maintenance ● Machining

● Aluminium anodizing

Industrial machinery

● Casting ● Painting ● Finishing ● Electric equipment assembling

● Welding ● Forging ● Iron work ● Machine inspection

● Printed writing board manufacturing ● Industrial packaging

● Die casting ● Factory sheet metal work ● Machine maintenance

● Plastic molding ● Machining ● Plating

● Electronic equipment assembling ● Metal press

Electric & Electronics

● Machining ● Finishing ● Printed writing board manufacturing

● Industrial packaging ● Metal press ● Machine maintenance

● Plastic molding ● Factory sheet metal work

● Electronic equipment assembling ● Painting ● Plating

● Electric equipment assembling

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